Urban Park Technology


Our Property Management System (PMS)

The Urban Park Property Management System (PMS) is a very robust and powerful system that helps you manage multiple aspects of your property in the cloud. It connects your crucial platforms, organizing all of the data you need in one place. Our PMS eliminates the need for extra software that cost money. Our system is easy to setup and easy to use. All of this means that you can spend more time managing your hotel and attending to your guests. Best of all, we do not charge the hotel owner for the PMS – it’s all included in our fee structure.

Our Online Booking Engine

What is a booking engine? A hotel booking engine is essentially the shopping cart equivalent for a hotel website and it’s sole purpose is to drive and convert direct bookings. The Urban Park Hotel booking engine is optimized for conversion by providing a seamless booking process where your guests can view rates, check availability, look at  room types and complete a booking as simply as possible right on your website. Our booking engine integrates data directly into your property management system through our channel manager portal – and just like our PMS - it’s all included in our fee structure.

Our OTA Channel Manager

Our Channel Manager technology allows a hotel to expand its reach and visibility online, as well as more easily manage its rates, availability, and reservations. With our Channel Manager, our Urban Park Hotel Members will be listed on the top online distribution channels in the industry. We also provide 24/7 customer support for our hotel members

Booking.com - Expedia.com - Hotels.com - Hotwire - Trivago.com - Priceline.com - Agoda.com – Orbitz - Travelocity - Wotif

(the hotel will pay commissions when a reservation comes from these travel portals)

 You can list all of your rooms and availability on all the channels and the channel manager will update these automatically and in real-time when a booking is made. Our Channel Manger allows the hotel to maximize occupancy and reservations with minimal risk of being overbooked. There is no Fee for listing your hotel on our Channel Manager. The only fee that is charged is if one of the 3rd party online travel sites book a reservation at your hotel.

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