Urban Park Hotel Technology

"Your Current Property Management System Is Dead"

Wouldn’t you prefer to use a support system that learns you, instead of being forced to learn it?

What if....

  • Your hotel had perfectly matched and customized software tools that your entire staff loved, and there was no direct cost to your business?

  • Your hotel had access to the tools and services that usually require a franchise agreement, but without having to be forced to pay for the use of their technology?

  • Your management team had continuous access to leadership training services & support?


What if....

  • All of these valuable features were provided in a customized bundle that earned, instead of cost, your business money?


As a Member of the Urban Park Hotel Collection you will receive the following Package


Our Member Hotels Enjoy These Advantages

  • Ongoing National Search Engine Submission and SEO Reports

  • Technology Driven Marketing Portals

  • Cloud Based Property Management System (PMS)

  • Booking Engine

  • Channel Manager

  • Geo Social Media Listening

  • Property Online Review Monitoring

  • Members Only "Live" Virtual Forum & Chat Room

  • Ongoing "Direct Booking" traffic to your website

  •  Customization based on each team member’s job duties

  •  Work tasks accessible by dashboard icons

  •  Use smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop

  •  Choose your preferred browser                   

  • Choose any secure PCI compliant payment system 


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