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Staying Ahead of The Technology Curve 


Save $1,000s and $1,000s Now

"Your Current Property Management System Is Dead"

Are you 100% satisfied with the cost, support and suite of products you receive from your current hotel technology provider? Or do you need a new technology provider because you left a hotel franchise chain?  Well guess have come to the right place !!

We will refer you to a hotel technology provider who by far has the most "Advanced - Cutting-Edge" hotel technology system and program on the market today.

You Contract With Them Separately And Not Us.


Unlike the big hotel franchise brands, we are not in the business of "Marking Up" services or products and passing the added cost on to you (our member hotels). That is one of the reasons you joined us to begin with - To Save Money !!!


We Are Talking About   


  • A Cloud Based Property Management System customized for your specific needs

  • A Booking Engine installed on your website - with an added revenue stream for the hotel owner

  • A Channel Manager Distribution Platform - which you control

  • A Reservation System -  with advanced room inventory & ADR Pricing Controls

Does Your Current Hotel Technology Provider Offer You An Added Revenue Stream...Or Do You Pay Them Every Month To Use Their Technology?  -  We Are 100% Sure That It Is A "One Way Street" And You Pay Them Every Month. Period The End !!!!!


Wouldn’t you prefer to use a technology support system that learns you, instead of being forced to learn it?....A system designed "Exclusively" for your type of property?

What if....

  • Your hotel had perfectly matched and customized software tools that your entire staff loved, and there was "No Direct Cost" to your business? 

  • Your hotel had access to the tools and services that usually require a franchise agreement, but without having to be "Forced To Pay" for the use of their technology?


What if....

  • All of these valuable features were provided in a customized bundle that "Earned", instead of cost, your hotel money?


Looking To Learn More?  Just Complete Our "Contact Form" 

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