The New Hospitality Industry Membership Group For Independent Hotel Owners

The Hospitality Market Is Noisy. New franchise brands, sister brands, soft brands, guest experiences, and hotel concepts are emerging at an unprecedented rate, with each trying to capture the hearts and minds of your future and past guests. With the additional challenge of finding, keeping, and training team staff, weathering the pandemic storm, inflation, gas prices and competing has become harder than ever before.

 Sometimes It takes an outsider, looking in, to see that change is needed in order to protect the financial integrity of your property before its to late. Are you looking to get out of a negative relationship with a current franchisor or perhaps your franchisor is getting ready to terminate your franchise agreement? Or maybe market conditions dictate restructuring?  If this is the case, then Now is the time to embrace change and protect your investment by joining the Urban Park Hotel Collection.


Membership with the “Urban Park Hotel Collection” will restore your property to it’s full potential in a short period of time. We provide objective feedback, make suggestions based on your market and provide the newest technology in order to stay ahead of the curve. Becoming a member of the Urban Park Hotel Collection Group will help you to convert missed opportunities into successes without the unnecessary expenses, mandated operational controls, restricted area of operations, required training, property appearance requirements or surprised inspections resulting in financial fines and/or possible termination. 









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