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Why Join Us

Saving Time and Money

Independent Hotels - "individuality is an independent hotel’s greatest asset"


Keep Your Current Name and Identity


We're Pilots  - Not Mere Passengers

We take command of the flight controls, refusing to wait for others to take action. Productivity is our manifesto, as we actively work to fulfill your hotel's objectives and aspirations. As we navigate through your property, our keen eyes spot missed opportunities, and we swiftly capitalize on necessary changes to enhance your profitability. We continuously strive to outperform your competition, regardless of the altitude or route required, ensuring a seamless landing once our mission is accomplished.


The hospitality market Is turbulent. New franchise brands, sister brands, soft brands, antiquated technology disguised as new......and of course, lets not overlook the fact that hotel franchise brands are now adding more regulations and fess that bring "No Value" to your bottom-line. These are just a few reasons why competing has become harder than ever before.. "Changes Must Be Made Now"

Sometimes it takes an outsider, looking in, to see that change is needed in order to protect the financial integrity of your property before it’s too late. Are you looking to get out of a negative relationship with a current franchisor? Or maybe market conditions dictate restructuring?  If this is the case, then now is the perfect time to embrace change and protect your investment by joining the Urban Park Hotel Collection.


Joining the "Urban Park Hotel Collection" provides access to a wealth of information to help keep your property ahead of the curve. Our "Resources Toolkit" (a collaborative repository of hotel tips and fresh new ideas) provides insights into what works and what doesn't. Whats Not To Love!!!!!  

By aligning with us, your property will also benefit from data-driven expertise that is firmly focused on meeting the needs of today and tomorrow’s guests, and creating a positive work environment for all team members to excel......Bringing The "WOW" Factor......Back Into Hospitality


Discover a partnership that celebrates your uniqueness. Choose the Urban Park Hotel Collection for a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation in the ever-evolving hospitality industry. Let's embark on this journey together, preserving the charm of your establishment while unlocking new opportunities for growth 









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Join The Urban Park Hotel Collection
"Membership - On Your Own Terms - Without Exception"

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