How We Got Here

The New Urban Park Independent Hotel Collection

The Low Cost Hotel Membership Brand

For over 30 years Park Hospitality Management, now restructured as Urban Park Hotels, has been providing innovative solutions and management services for hotel owners worldwide. Our experience includes:


  • Boutique Hotel Casino Development in the Caribbean and Latin America

  • Domestic and International Hotel Property Consulting & Feasibility Studies

  • Hotel Brokerage Services and Private Equity Funding

  • Hotel Management For Absentee Owners

  • Hotel Franchise Sales and Development for multi-national hotel brands











Through our experience, we gained a unique perspective for where the hospitality industry needs to advance. Urban Park Hotels is a creative example of how independent hotels can benefit from having access to vital service and support tools that previously were only available by joining expensive hotel franchise programs.


The Urban Park Hotel concept was designed while the hotel industry was navigating uncertainty from the onset of the Covid pandemic. We recognized the critical need of providing independent hotel owners with a much needed cost effective way to do business without the binding restrictions and obstacles inherent in becoming aligned with larger national hotel chains.


Much of the industry is still in recovery mode and will remain so for some time, according to many respected industry executives and hotel reporting agencies. Consequently, Urban Park Hotels has developed solutions to assist independent hotels with navigating their journey to recovery, while saving thousands of dollars along the way.

                                                  Solutions Such As

  • No long-term commitment

  • No exorbitant startup fees

  • No renovation requirements

  • No sharing of gross room revenue fees

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