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Meet The Urban Park Team

How We Got Here

The Affordable Non-Franchise Hotel Membership Group

With over 30 years of hotel experience our team members have provided innovative hospitality services and solutions for independent hotel owners worldwide. Our primary expertise has been re-positioning distressed, under performing hotel order to "stop the bleeding".

Our Vast Experience In The Hospitality Sector Has Included

  • Boutique Hotel Casino Development in the Caribbean and Latin America

  • Domestic and International Hotel Business Consulting & Feasibility Studies

  • Property Re-Branding & Market Share Optimization

  • Hotel Sales & Marketing Services

  • Providing Hospitality Resources For All Hotel Owners and Department Managers

  • Improving Operational Systems & Technology Services For Independent Hotels

Starting Over New Beginings

The Urban Park Hotel Collection was launched in order to retrofit the hotel industry post pandemic. It was during the onset of the pandemic that we had to sit back and wait to see how the hospitality industry would reshape itself.  During this period, hotel owners were cutting back on services, staffing, adhering to state and federal mandated regulations and some hotel owners did not survive (closing their doors). Those that decided to "ride it out" experienced unforeseen circumstances that impacted not only their livelihoods but their hotels as well.


The Time Has Come To Start "DRIVING THE INDUSTRY" Forward


Much of the hotel industry is still in recovery mode and will remain so for quite some time.  Consequently, Urban Park has developed solutions to assist independent hotel owners with navigating their journey to recovery, while saving thousands of dollars along the way.

The Urban Park Hotel Collection is designed to provide property owners of all types with a much needed cost effective way of doing business. Our support package not only saves you money, but saves you time.....because we do the "Heavy Lifting" for you.

Through our experience, we gained a unique perspective for where the hospitality industry needs to advance. Urban Park Hotels is a creative example of how hotels can benefit from having access to vital service and value added support tools that previously were only available by joining expensive hotel franchises. Our independent hotel membership group not only saves you money, but allows the property owner to set their own standards based on the size of their property, the type of property they own, the location of their property and their comp set. 


​          Membership With The Urban Park Hotel Collection

Will Help Grow Your Bottom Line


Increased Profitability & Flexibility Are The Only Solutions

Urban Park Logo

"Membership - On Your Own Terms - Without Exception"

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