The Relaunch Has Started

The New Urban Park Hotel Collection

The Low Cost Non-Franchise Conversion Opportunity

Since our inception, The Park Hospitality Group has achieved verifiable results and proven our ability to help hotels improve their operating standards and at the same time improve their bottom line. Over the years, we have worked with and also consulted with hotel owners of both franchise and independent properties here and abroad. Our primary expertise was re-positioning distressed, under performing locations.........in order to "stop the bleeding".

A New Story Begins!! - With more than three decades of “hands on experience”, we decided it was time to develop a cost effective hotel conversion brand that rewards good operators with a new opportunity for change and growth.......and as a result, we are now excited to introduce our new, non-franchise conversion brand - URBAN PARK HOTELS



















Our model is founded on four basic priorities: Priorities that have made us successful in the past. Moving forward, these priorities will continue to drive and guide us to achieve our mission and vision in exciting new ways, for both us, and our Invested Partners. Our priorities are what we value as an organization, touch every aspect of the hospitality experience and define our culture.

These Priorities Are:

 Drive Revenue – Revenue is the lifeblood of your business. It is the first critical ingredient to success. Every decision we make is based on bringing more top-line revenue to the property. Being more proactive when setting rates and competing within your comp set is critical..... especially in areas saturated with every hotel franchise brand known to man


Reduce Operating Cost – The results will speak for themselves. With our attention to detail, effective cost controls, and focused sales & marketing efforts, your hotel's bottom line will increase. Streamlining operating costs produces more profit.


Guest and Associate Satisfaction – We believe people are the greatest asset in any business. The latest technology cannot replace the need for good quality people in any organization. Your success can only be achieved by exceeding your guest’s expectations, and keeping your front line associates satisfied. Your Associates are the key to guest satisfaction and the continuous improvement of services. For this reason, we are committed to developing and empowering your team to exceed set goals, which reduces employee turnover.

Corporate Responsibility – The foundation on which we measure success is based on hard work, honesty, and responsibility for our actions. It is the best way to run a hospitality company. When you join Urban Park, you can expect commitment and courtesy in everything we do.

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