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Competing In a HYPER-COMPETITIVE Landscape
With Innovative Tools & Services That Drive Revenue

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Let’s Kick Off The Conversation

​​Your Are The Hotel Owner And Hold All The Cards!!!

 Your hotel is already up and running, but maybe change is needed in order to save money, capture more business or compete on a more even playing field with other hotels in your market

A Powerhouse Of Membership Benefits

Here Is The "Great News" About Joining The Urban Park Hotel Collection

  • Keep your current hotel name & Identity - or - Rebrand as a member with one of our 2 soft brands 

  • Maintain complete control and management of your property

  • Three-year membership agreement - end membership at anytime with no liquidated damages 

  • No Renovations or PIP Requirements - (except for exterior signage if rebranding)  

  • No special accounting or bookkeeping requirements

  • Quick membership implementation, less than 4 weeks

  • Listing in national online hotel directories - resulting in additional direct bookings

  • Monthly national search engine submission distribution

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) reports

  • On-going local advertising program with no added fees or participation requirements

  • Sales and Marketing Resources & Checklists 

  • Our PULSE monthly newsletter - filled with industry news, operating tips and hotel industry articles 

  • Available discounts for hotel supplies and services from the top hotel vendors in the industry

  • Promotions for increasing occupancy and ADR year round

  • Business forms package (editable for your specific property)

  • Best practices " Resource Toolkit" for owners and every hotel staffing position

  • Reputation Management Services 

  • Cloud based property management system customized for your specific needs

  • Booking engine installed on your website - with added revenue stream 

  • Channel Manager Distribution - which you control 

  • Notification of social media mentions about your property in real time

  • Ongoing guest review monitoring service

  • Operational Suggestions for every hotel department - Optimizing Cost Savings 

  • Yearly Budget Template which enhances productivity    

Providing Innovative Tools That Support Your Business

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