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The Low Priced Hospitality Membership Group For Independent Hotel Owners

The Urban Park Hotel Collection membership group brings together like minded Independent hotel owners who share common ground and want to remain independent. We encourage membership interaction, collaboration, and the exchange of common practices within our industry in order to enhance hotel ownership while retaining their own name, branding, and at the same time saving money along the way. 


​​We believe you should compete on your own
terms in your unique way – always!!!!


Membership  Qualifications

  • Two Year Membership Agreement - Renewable After 2nd Year

  • The Property Must Be Currently Open And Operating As An Independent

  • Ownership Keeps And Operates Under their Current Hotel Name And Identity

  • Hotel Must Have Their Own Dedicated Website Already Visible on The Internet

  • The Property Must Have a Minimum of 30 Rooms To Join

  • Hotel Owner Must Have At Least 5 Years of Hotel Ownership Experience


Our Membership Fees


Two Year Hotel Membership Fee  -  $2,000

(renewable each year after 2nd year - $500) - (No Liquidated Damages)

(You may exit your membership agreement at anytime with 30 days notice)


Monthly Admin Fee - Per Reservation Stay

(not per room night)  (does not reduce or increase your room rate)

(not based on gross room revenue)



​​No Franchise Application Fee

No Franchise Fee

No  Franchise Royalty Fees

 No Property Improvement Plan Fees

No Yearly Assessment Fees

No Exterior Signage Requirements

No % Of Gross Room Revenue Fees

No Liquidated Damages Fee

No Structural Changes To The Building

No Mandated Accounting Practices or Bookkeeping Systems 

No QA Inspections or Fines

No Required Operations Manual 

No Required Standards Manual 

No Mandated Training or Fees Related To Staffing or Ownership