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The Urban Park Hotel Collection brings together like minded hotel owners who are currently operating as an independent property and are not associated with any current hotel franchise system under a license agreement.  


Membership  Qualifications For All Hotels 





The Property Must Be Currently Open And Operating As An Independent Hotel

Hotel Must Have A Dedicated Website Already Visible On The Internet

The Property Must Have a Minimum of 15+ Rooms To Join - And Sign Our 1 Year Membership Agreement 


Hotel Owner Must Have At Least 4 Years of Hotel Ownership or Hotel General Manager Experience

The Hotel Must Be In Compliance With All Local, State And Federal Lodging Laws


One Year Membership Fee

You will be amazed by how much less our membership fee is compared to franchise brands, soft brands or any other lodging concept being offered in the hotel industry today..... and the savings become pure profit for you.

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One Year Membership Fee -$495
(End Membership At Anytime) (No Liquidated Damages)
(No Application Fee) (No As
sessment Fees) (No Property Improvement Plan)

We look forward to answering your questions about joining our independent membership group and getting to know you, your property and your unique story as well.

Reach Out To Us By Completing The Form On Our "Contact" Page

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Join The Urban Park Hotel Collection
"Independence - On Your Own Terms - Without Exception"


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