Why Join The Urban Park Hotel Collection

The Lowest Conversion Opportunity In The Hotel Industry

Let's face facts - You are looking at our new hotel brand because something is wrong with your current business model and  change is needed. Hotel owner's flip flags for many reasons: Protecting the financial integrity of the property, getting out of a bad relationship with a current franchisor or market conditions dictate change that require upgrading or restructuring. 


When markets change, so must hotels. When franchise relationships change, so must hotels. When a hotel needs restructuring and re-positioning, yes, the time is now to step up to the plate and protect your investment.

Being affiliated with the new "Urban Park Hotel Collection" will bring your property back up to it's full potential within a short period of time.......It is our job, and we do it well.


Sometimes it takes an outsider to give honest opinions and recommendations for ownership to finally realize that change is needed. When you join our brand, we look for missed opportunities and convert those opportunities into successes for ownership. 

Urban Park Hotels is just not a new hotel chain. We are not interested in just slapping up our logo on your sign, giving you a bunch of marketing materials and inspecting your hotel every few months. Unlike other hotel brands, we will not force you to spend more money when it's not needed. Partnering with Urban Park Hotels is an investment in SUCCESS.

​​Urban Park Hotel & Suites  -  Urban Park Hotel Express  

One Company - Two Flags - No Franchise Fees 


  • Conversion Process Takes less then 4 weeks

  • Month-to-Month Agreement

  • The Lowest Cost Opportunity in the Hotel Industry

  • Increased Occupancy & Average Daily Rate

  • Ongoing Local Marketing

When you become a Licensed Member of the Urban Park Hotel Collection, your property will be introduced into the market with a fresh new look and feel.  



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