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        “The Only Constant Thing In Life Is Change”

As the hospitality industry becomes more competitive, hotel re-branding has become more prevalent. Standing out from the crowd and competitors is the name of the game to remain profitable and relevant, which is generally the motivation behind a rebrand in the first place.

The ability to exceed performance goals, manage your team of front line workers, and provide guests with the best service possible is a daily struggle for many hotel owners.....especially "distressed Properties".

This means that ownership must constantly be searching for new niches to expand and thrive in order to gain more market share, invest in the newest hospitality systems, and choose the soft brand affiliation that best suits their needs in order to make their hotel more successful. 

Complete rebranding of a distressed property is a viable strategy that many hotel owners use to re-position their property in the market. The benefits of re-branding will only be successful if the hotel owner pays reduced commissions, lower monthly fees and lower property improvement plan fees. A complete re-brand will draw in more guests with a strong, unique fresh look and name.


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