"We believe that success is not inherited but is rather earned through hard work and dedication"

Our commitment to excellence has held true for over three decades. Providing quality products, services and support to our clients is essential to maintaining our reputation as the "Trusted Name in Hospitality".

We have always maintained that family, honesty, and integrity are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. As we continue to move forward, we focus on client satisfaction and loyalty, which is what brought us great success. Without our clients and hotel guests we would not be where we are today.

If you become a member of the Urban Park Hotel Collection you can rest assured that our team members will not only meet your expectations - but they will be surpassed. We understand the trust one puts in us; therefore it is paramount to all of us that we offer only the best when it comes to joining our independent membership soft brand.

Even though we have been setting new standards for our company for many years - our priorities have remained unwavering.

These Priorities Are:

 Drive Revenue –  Every suggestion we make is based on increasing property revenue. Revenue is the lifeblood of your business and is a critical ingredient to success.


Reduce Operating Cost – Ownership must understand that streamlining operating costs, paying attention to detail, focusing on staffing, dealing with the right vendors and implementing targeted  sales & marketing promotions helps increase your hotel’s bottom line.


Corporate Responsibility – Success is measured by responsibility, honesty, working hard and taking accountability for our actions. It is the best way to run a hospitality company....and it is what we do best

With Urban Park Hotels

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