Lowest Initial and Monthly Support Fees In The Hotel Industry

No Franchise Fees

No Fees Based On Gross Room Revenue 

One Year Membership Agreement

No Liquidated Damages

No Structural Changes To The Property

Use Our Name or Keep Your Own

Fast Conversion Process - Open in Less Then 3 weeks

 Cloud Based Property Management System 

Booking Engine On Website

Channel Manager Distribution To The Main OTAs 

Your Property Listed On Our Consumer Website

Operation and Standards Manual

United States Registered Protected Trademark and Logos

Editable Business Forms Package

Sales & Marketing Audit & Action Plan for Your Hotel

Employee Handbook Sample

"Best of" Quarterly News Letter

VIP Club Card Rewards Program

Preferred Vendor Pricing

Larger Area of Protection

 Local Area Marketing & Social Media Sales Blitz

Ongoing Corporate Support

Free Branded Lobby Logo Signage  

Hotel Budget Template

Increased Occupancy and ADR

Single Story Hotels Accepted

All Smaller Hotels Welcome

Urban Park Hotel & Suites  -  Urban Park Hotel Express

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