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For Independent - Hotels - Motels - Inns - Boutique - Historical - Mom & Pop and Other Lodging Properties Who Want To Keep Their Current Name and Identity


One Company With A New Vision For The Hospitality Industry  


Powered by our hospitality experience, we pride ourselves on meeting the ever-evolving needs of today’s independent hotels. The Urban Park Hotel Collection is a non-franchise, independent hotel membership group, for property owners looking to break with the status quo of franchising. We do this by providing independent properties with many of the benefits and services offered by hotel franchise relationships…“without the long-term commitment, requirements, property improvement plans, control or expense”.




Competing in today's highly competitive hotel market is getting harder than ever before. If you haven't noticed, Franchise Brands are over saturating and slamming their never ending development of soft brands into the same markets that they are already in. Hence, competing with themselves for market share and putting a Strong-Hold on their franchisees to compete with each other.      

The Urban Park Hotel Collection Membership Group redefines the way independent hotels of all types can increase occupancy, increase revenue and streamline operating costs. Created to simplify and to select the diversity needed to compete, our robust benefits package elevates independent hotels to the next level.


With Urban Park Hotels, you get to call the shots, you do not answer to anyone except yourself. You know what works in your market and what doesn't. You have your own standards and ways of doing business.....and we do not expect you to change on how you operate your property on a day-to-day basis or adhere to mandated standards that bring no value to your bottom-line.

We all know that hotel franchise chains require hotel owners to conduct business on their terms and under their conditions without exception. So, ask yourself this question: Who is really working for Who in a franchise relationship? 

When you become a member of the Urban Park Hotel Collection, our support team will implement an ongoing strategy, uniquely designed for your specific property in your existing market, that will enhance visibility and add more revenue to your bottom line.

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Join The Urban Park Hotel Collection
"Membership - On Your Own Terms - Without Exception"

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